Mark Frazie Owner

Mark Frazie

Founder | Chef

Founder,  Chef Mark Frazie has been in the Atlanta restaurant industry his entire career.  Mark has worked with some of the top chefs in Atlanta, designed award winning wine lists, & managed at some of Atlanta’s premier restaurant groups.  

Mark really started showing his talents under Master Chef Tom Catherall and Here to Serve Restaurants. Mark then worked for the Atlanta powerhouse Fifth Group Restaurants as a beverage manager, where he really honed in on his knowledge of wine and service.

After restaurant management, Mark dove into the world of center of the plate protein sales. He first learned the seafood side of the industry with Inland Seafood, where he sold to the foremost establishments in Atlanta and Charleston.

After spending the last several years with Buckhead Beef as one of the top sales reps, Chef Mark is excited to bring all his knowledge and passion for hospitality, high quality proteins, and a specialized wine list to his family, friends, and the entire city of Atlanta.     

Mark Frazie Owner
Sarah Vanderpool

Sarah Vanderpool

Co-Owner | CFO

Sarah is a seasoned hospitality professional with 25 years of experience in the field. Her expertise lies in streamlining operations and creating seamless processes within the Subculture Restaurant Group in South Florida, where she successfully unified nine distinct concepts into a single, efficient system.

During her tenure as a managing partner, Sarah’s keen eye for sales contributed to an impressive annual revenue of $1.9 million. Seeking new challenges, she relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, where she made significant contributions as a culinary manager and general manager across three different restaurant concepts. Additionally, Sarah provided valuable consultation for the successful opening of several other establishments, establishing herself as an industry expert with extensive experience.

At Frazie’s Meat & Market, Sarah wears multiple hats alongside her colleague Mark. She serves as the Chief Financial Officer and co-owner, overseeing day-to-day operations and ensuring the smooth functioning of the business. However, her passion goes beyond mere food and drinks. Sarah’s ultimate goal is to provide the Riverside Community and beyond with an exceptional experience, welcoming neighbors and visitors alike.

Wryan Butcher
Head Butcher
Wryan W.

Wryan is a true Atlanta native, born and raised in the city. His unwavering passion for food has been a constant in his life since high school. During his time at Kennesaw State, Wryan played a pivotal role in bringing farm-fresh ingredients to the plates of students, getting his hands dirty and working hard to make a difference.

His dedication to culinary excellence led him to participate in the GHSA culinary tournament, where he found unwavering support from Chef Gary Coltek, his mentor and Director of Culinary and Hospitality. Eager to expand his knowledge, Wryan delved deep into the realms of Culinary, Sustainability, and Hospitality at Kennesaw State University. However, his expertise extends beyond textbooks and theory. Under the guidance of Chef Marc Sublette at Trattoria 141 and Viande Rouge Steakhouse, Wryan honed his skills as an assistant manager, showcasing his talent for crafting innovative cocktails and revolutionizing the beverage offerings.

While the closure of Viande Rouge was disheartening, Wryan’s determination was unshaken. He found his next venture at Whole Foods Market, immersing himself in the art of butchery. As the Meat and Seafood Team Leader, Wryan acquired a deep understanding of the finest cuts and developed a reputation for unwavering quality.

Today, Wryan stands proudly as the Head Butcher at Frazie’s Meat & Market, located in the beloved Riverside neighborhood. His exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to excellence have will have your tastebuds dancing through the door. Customers flock to Frazie’s to experience the expertise of Wryan’s expert touch, savoring the finest cuts available. The butcher shop has become a local haven for foodie’s and self-proclaimed, “Frazies”, alike.